Monday, March 22, 2010

Lost Dog No More!! She is Back!

Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I'm not really use to this whole blog posting stuff yet but I will get the hang of it. So this weekend Nicholas' dog got out and TOOK OFF!! That dog is so dang fast its almost impossible to catch her ESPECIALLY since when someone tried to grab her they grabbed her collar and her little head slipped right through it. So now to catch her you would pretty much have to tackle her and she is fast and strong so that would be very difficult. Nicholas' siblings spent a couple hours on Saturday searching for her but she was pretty much long gone and Nicholas was devestated! He loves that dog!! She drives me nuts but he loves her so it was really important that we do whatever we can to find her. Saturday night came around and there was no sign of her and Nicholas was bummed cause she is a boxer so she has short short short hair and he was afraid that she would freeze that night but there was nothing we could do about it. We even thought about heading home to IF to search for her ourselves but we had church meetings we had to go to so we couldn't. Instead we just posted some ads for a lost dog with her pic and just prayed someone would find her. Sunday morning Nicholas' alarm went off (don't know why) and as soon as it did he jumped up and he thought it would be someone calling him to tell him they found Crash (the dog) but no. All day Sunday we kept waiting to hear if Crash was found but there was no sign of her. We were pretty much giving up on finding her since it had been a full 24 hours and she is so fast that she could easily be long gone. She also isn't the brightest crayon in the box so we thought she could have run out in the street and gotten hit by a car. Well....this morning I got online and checked my e-mail and someone had responded to our lost dog posting. He didn't have our dog and he hadn't seen her but he told us that two days ago he lost his two boxers and put an ad in the paper and a lady called and said she found a female boxer that had no collar on. This wasn't either of his boxers. He e-mailed me and told me her info so I called her and she didn't answer. Then we looked up her address by using her phone number and told Nicholas' family where she lived. It is only one neighborhood over from where Crash got lost at. Nicholas' sister immediately went over to that house to see if by some chance it was Crash and sure enough........IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Crash had been safe all weekend and was being fed and kept warm by an amazing family!!! She is one lucky dog to have had such great people take her in. I told Nicholas this and he was pretty much on cloud nine knowing that his dog was home since we both thought she was a goner!! It definitely made for an exciting morning.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have converted to bloggerism!!

So..........Apparantly I have been living under a rock for a quite a while now because everyone and their dog has a blog now. I on the other hand am just barely creating one! Most likely its going to be a ridiculously boring blog because we don't have to much going on in our lives other than baseball, but at least that is something right? Now I just need to learn how to actually set this sucker up and post pics and all that jazz. I pretty much need a play by play manual for this dang thing. O well, that is what "askjeeves" and "google" is for.